We have made the decision to postpone the NHS Big Tea


The NHS’ birthday is on 5th July but it’s certainly not the right time to ask people up and down the country to get together to celebrate with NHS Big Tea parties.

So we are postponing the NHS Big Tea until later in the year, when we’re sure we’ll all be in need of a cuppa and it will be the biggest ever NHS Big Tea in recognition and thanks of our amazing NHS staff and volunteers!

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Over the last 71 years the NHS has transformed the health and wellbeing of the nation and become the envy of the world. And helping behind the scenes are more than 250 dedicated NHS charities.

Which one will you choose to support?

NHS charity stories

A Sensory Room for Edie

Little Edie Hughes was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy when she was only five days old. Doctors were pessimistic, but two years later she is bright as a button thanks to a sensory room funded by her NHS charity.

Special School mini makeover

A doctor’s room at a Special School has been transformed into a warm and welcoming private space for pupils, parents and staff thanks to a mulit-coloured makeover from an NHS charity.

Suzanne's Art Therapy

When Suzanne was diagnosed with cancer she was devastated, but monthly art workshops provided by an NHS charity have helped her come to terms with her battle against cancer, connect with others, improve her creativity and make new friends.

Memories for Olive

For patients with dementia a stay in hospital can be upsetting but thanks to a memory box scheme funded by an NHS charity, patients like Olive find comfort and familiarity.

Jack’s struggles

When the Garlick family’s baby boy Jack fell seriously ill an NHS charity’s Hardship Fund provided the financial support they needed to cope with an extended stay in hospital.

Jada’s room

When Lauren’s baby girl Jada was stillborn she was determined that some good would come out of it. She teamed up with her local NHS charity to create Jada’s room – a place where parents who have given birth to a stillborn baby or had a miscarriage can grieve and recover in peace.

Sandra steps in

Sandra is a Family Support Nurse funded by an NHS charity. Whether mother and baby are separated at birth due to complications it can be incredibly difficult, but Sandra’s support can make all the difference.

Anupurba's rehab

Thanks to an NHS charity, young children like Anupurba who wear prosthesis can benefit from a specially designed therapeutic playground to help their rehabilitation through play.


A unit supporting people when they come out of hospital uses games and activities funded by an NHS charity to boost social interaction and morale.

Dinesh's helping hand

After suffering from tremors for years Dinesh was struggling to cope. However, a ground-breaking new treatment funded by his local NHS charity has helped him recover his independence and get his life back.

Stem cells for sight

Cutting edge research is sometimes not possible without the help of NHS charities, like this pioneering new form of stem cell therapy that is giving people their reading sight back.

Gardening for PTSD

The number of refugees is rising and many suffer from PTSD. A new centre supported by an NHS charity provides a safe space where people who have fled their homes can recover and rebuild their lives through gardening. 

Tackling mental health head on

Reintegrating people with severe mental health problems back into society is challenging. This support group, funded by an NHS charity, helps people make friends, get advice and build a network in the community before they leave hospital.

Stine’s story

When cricketer Ashley Giles heard that his wife had been diagnosed with cancer in 2006 he rushed home from the Ashes in Australia. Thankfully her life was changed thanks to a pioneering new form of therapy, which had been funded through the work of a dedicated NHS charity.

NHS Charities Together 

Over the years NHS charities have funded major projects, pioneering research and medical equipment that could not and should not be funded by the NHS.

They support our hospitals, community and ambulance services to help patients across the UK access the best possible care when they need it most.

Celebrate, thank and give back to the NHS by supporting NHS Charities.

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